I've got to introduce you to one of my
best friends in the universe: Leire Vega.
One of the hardest things for me in Segovia is being here without her, because just a year ago we were making plans together, and now we're in different schools and different cities. Anyways, we still wonder about going to university together or something like that :)
Its been really long since the last time we took a photo shoot! So I can't wait to take another one because we always have fun ideas. Like this one in an old factory that we made last year.
I'm also talking about Leire because she has created a new blog, and since not many people know about its existence, I'm leaving you the direction for you to take a look ;)
She's just made it so there's anything yet, but be sure that you'll find really nice posts in the future, but for that she kind of needs support (like I think we all do) haha.

This is her blog:

Hope you had a good monday, and for those with exams: good luck!


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