Scarlett in V magazine, Scarlett for D&G, Scarlett for Mango, Scarlett, Scarlett, and more Scarlett EVERYWHERE.
God, I'm so tired of seeing her in commercials and magazines as if she was a model. I'm saying nothing about her being a good or a bad actress, and I'm sorry for miss Johansson lovers, but this started when she took Giselle Bundchen's place in D&G's fragrance commercial "The One", and since then I can't look at a magazine and not see her (and with lots of photoshop btw!)
Again, I'm not judging her as an actress, I'm just asking for her to do what she is, and let the modeling work for those who are MODELS. I know it's not her fault, because she's not the one who decides it... In fact, I don't really know who should I blame to... I just needed to show my indignation about it...
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Source: models.com