It's time for me to say goodbye to Strawberry Fields, not anymore "forever".
You'd probably ask yourselves why did I made this dumb change if I'm loosing most of the followers... here's the answer: I'm a featherbrain! haha...
NOT! The REAL reasons are:

1.thelctricprocess.blogspot.com: I didn't want that to be my blog's direction because it was a name I used to put everywhere but I don't like it anymore (And that can make you think that I'll change this blog again sometime in the future... mmm maybe, because I'm always changing my mind... but let's hope not! :D)
2.When I created my other blog, I wasn't thinking about it as a fashion blog and my first posts kind of sucked
3.I wanted to find a shorter name that didn't come from a song
4.I like starting over when I feel something's not working

Thank you to everyone that's been following me in Strawberry Fields, and hope some of you come and follow here :)

This is the other blog's link if you haven't seen anything about me yet: STRAWBERRY FIELDS

So... guess this is it!


P.S.: The photos are from last september. Oh! And featherbrain means "cabeza de chorlito" in spanish.