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Uterqüe bracelet

M.Leroux gave me this award, so I thank her for it and I must mention that her blog is something really worth reading.
I don't usually publish the awards here but I wanted to use this opportunity to tell you 10 things that make me happy:

1.Books that trap me inside
3.Entering a place and suddenly hearing the song I've been wishing to hear all day
4.Bob Marley's songs
5.My friends, of course
6.A rainy afternoon at home watching any of my favorite films
7.Returning home after a long time away
9.Walking around London streets
10.Summer, magazines and ice-cream, all together!

Since I can't choose just ten blogs, because there are many more that deserve it, this award goes for all of you followers, who, in fact, are also one of my reasons to feel happy.